"Natural looking, Award Winning, Sunless Tan"

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint - 15mins - £9

Eyelash Tint - 30mins - £15

Eyebrow shape and Tint - 30mins - £16

Trio of Eyes - 30mins - £24

*Patch test required 24hours before treatment

"Don't forget your flip flops"

Time Precious Facial - 30mins - £30
A relaxing introductory facial giving you a into our bespoke treatments.

Radiant Glow Facial - 1hour15mins - £57
This warm and decongesting facial packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants cocoons the skin leaving it deeply cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

Lavender & Rose Facial - 1hour15mins - £57
With the power of essential oils encouraging deep relaxation and rejuvenating your skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines this facial is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants for maximum benefits.

The Gentleman's Facial - 1hour15mins - £57
This fatigue fighting, anti-ageing facial recharges & revived skin instantly. Every mans key to better looking & feeling skin.

Pilates Anti-Ageing Facial - 1hour15mins - £68

This anti-ageing workout for your 52 facial muscles leaves the skin visibly lifted, remodelled and redensified. Strengthening from within a natural lift to the face whilst toning and revitalising priority areas helping eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin more plump, hydrated and radiant, a relaxing Pilates class for the face.

Bright Eyes - Add this treatment to any of the facials - £15
Revive and recharge tired-looking under-eyes with our miracle Bright Eyed Hydrogel Mask, for an instant hit of hydration that soothes, refreshes and brightens the delicate eye area.

​Sorelle's Wellness Retreat
“The ultimate top to toe relaxation” a bespoke treatment tailoring to your every need by combining the Radiant Glow Facial with a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage.
Face & Body - 2hour - £95

Sorelle's Lavender Wrap

A deeply relaxing body brush preparing the skin while cocooned in a warming lavender oil, encouraging a good nights sleep with a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

45mins- £48

Aromatherapy / Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser Massage
Banish tight muscles with deeply therapeutic massage techniques, intense and strong rhythmic movements to alleviate stress deep down, releasing this discomfort of aching muscles (whether through fatigue or stress).

Back - 30mins - £28
Full Body
- 1hour - £55
Course of 5 Back Massages - £130

Aromatherapy Warm Stones Massage
Divine heated stones relax away muscle tension and strains. The most blissful way to sooth body and mind, the stress doesn’t stand a chance against the divine, warm stone massage;

Back - 30mins - £35
Full Body
- 1hour - £60

Radiant “Mum To Be”
Pregnancy can take its toll on your body so relax with this blissful face and body treatment, including a comforting tummy mask that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, plus a draining massage to reduce water retention, thus lightening heavy legs. A skin- brightening facial ensures you look as glowing as you feel.

1hour15mins - £68
*Suitable for pregnancy’s over 20weeks

Fruit Seeds Exfoliation
Unique blend of fruit powders, spices, essential oils and plant oils for optimum revitalising and energising performance, devoted for exfoliating the body.

45mins - £45

Tranquility Scalp

Deeply relaxing, blissful scalp treatment incorporates pressure point massage to neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Helping to relieve tension and encourage a good nights sleep.
30mins - £26

Hopi Ear Candles
“This relaxing treatment targets tinnitus, headaches, sinus and glue ear” 
30mins - £25

Tel. No: 01902 846000

LVL Lashes - 1hour15mins - £45

LVL enhance is revolutionary and taking the beauty industry by storm. LVL enhance adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes. With no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara LVL enhance is gentle on your lashes. LVL enhance straightens your natural lashes at the root, giving the effect of longer, lifted lashes. The results are instant and last up to 6-8 weeks plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-type effect so you are always ready to go.

*Patch test require 48hours before your treatment.

Jessica Manicure - 1hour - £22​

Jessica French Manicure - 1hour15mins - £24

Deluxe Manicure - 1hour15mins - £34 (with heated mitts)

Jessica File and Polish - 30mins - £18 (hands or feet)

Jessica Zenspa Pedicure - 1hour - £30

Jessica Zenspa French Pedicure - 1hour15mins - £32

Jessica Zenspa Deluxe Pedicure - 1hour15mins - £38 (with heated booties)

Jessica Men's Zenspa Pedicure - 1hour - £28

​​Jessica Geleration Manicure - 1hour - £28

Jessica Geleration French Manicure - 1hour15mins - £30

Removal of Jessica Geleration - 30mins - £15

Hands or Feet - includes a base coat or phenomen oil

Removal & Reapplication of Geleration Manicure - 1hour15mins - £32

Removal & Reapplication of Geleration Pedicure - 1hour15mins - £38

Jessica Geleration Zenspa Pedicure - 1hour - £34

Jessica Geleration Zenspa French Pedicure - 1hour15mins - £36

Jessica Geleration Zenspa Deluxe Pedicure - 1hour15mins - £40 (with heated booties)


Eyebrow Shape - 15mins - £9

Lip - 15mins - £9

Chin - 15mins - £9



Eyebrow Shape and Lip - 30mins - £15

Eyebrow Shape, Lip and Chin - 30mins - £18

Lip and Chin - 30mins - £15

Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Tint, Lip and chin - 45mins - £26

"This Brand New Technique Treatment, will give you the perfect brows in 6 steps"

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion - 1hour - £50

The celebrities favourite rejuvenating treatment, that will leave your skin visibly firmer and younger targeting fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring and pigmentation, giving your skin the ultimate glow:

A course of 3 - £141.00

A course of 5 - £230.00

A course of 10 - £450.00

*Add on a Prime & Peel OR Triple Fusion Light Therapy for £20 each

Crystal Clear Prime & Peel
A 6 step hands on facial, combating a variety of common skin problems using 5 AHA's to help with pigmentation, breakouts, congestion, ageing, uneven skin tone, fine lines, pore refining, sun damaged and dull complexion skin.

Triple Fusion Light Therapy

Perfect for treating and improving skin concerns for irritated inflamed skin, ageing, congestion, pigmentation, acne to psoriasis and eczema. Like wrapping the skin in a bandage to help recovery and repair.

Red Light benefits

  • Energises skin cells, promoting production of collagen and elastin

  • Reduces inflammation within tissues and quickens the healing process

  • Reduction of pores, fine lines and wrinkles

Blue Light benefits

  • Improves skin texture, reduced skin redness and puffiness, effective for acne

  • Stimulates the production of oxygen radicals to kill bacteria

  • minimises enlarged oil glands

Green & Near Infrared Light benefits

  • Has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage

  • ​Helps to reduce freckles, age spots, red or brown skin patches to fade

*Add a course of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion with either Prime & Peel OR Triple Fusion Light Therapy 

Course of 3 - £197.40

Course of 5 - £322.00

​Course of 10 - £630.00

*Add a course of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion with Prime & Peel AND Triple Fusion Light Therapy 

Course of 3 - £253.80
Course of 5 - £414.00
​Course of 10 - £810.00

Crystal Clear Chopstick Facial - 1hour - £48 

Chopstick facial is the latest skin transforming treatment using sonic technology that delivers vibrations to the skin which immediately lifts muscles, firms and smoothed the skin minus any intervention other than that of the therapists healing touch whilst also infusing the skin with our pharma grade hyaluronic serum.

- Instant eye lift

- Instant face firming

- Instant eye bag de-puffing

- Instant plumping & hydrating

- Instant luminosity

Carrying out a consultation to ensure that the eyebrows are tailored to your facial features, framing the face, revealing the true beauty of every expression with Brows bespoke perfectly to each client.

Brows By Mii - 45mins - £20
*Patch test required 24hours before treatment.


"Flawless Skin, in a instant"

Full Body - 30mins - £25

Express Lashes - 1hour30mins

Light Volume - £50                                              Full Volume - £60                                                  Infills - 1hour - £20 - £40

Individual lash extensions to extend your natural lashes, giving you longer, fuller lashes. This treatment creates flawless, natural eyelash extension and is the perfect look for anyone wanting to add depth and length to their natural lashes.


Mii make-up - Giving you confidence to create a look that is uniquely, completely unmistakably you. With precious gemstones to gently warm and revitalise your complexion. So when you look in the mirror, you can say .... that's Mii.

Treat Mii - £40
Marry Mii - £150
(including trial)
Mii Bridesmaids / Mother of the bride / - £45
Mii Trials - £45

*There is an additional cost for coming out to the venue.

Full Leg - 45mins - £23

3/4 Leg - 30mins - £17

1/2 Leg - 30mins - £15

Back or Chest - 30mins - £15

Underarms - 15mins - £9

Bikini - 15mins - £15

High Bikini - £30mins - £20

Full Arm - 30mins - £14

Forearm - 30mins - £11​​

1/2 Leg and Bikini - 45mins - £22
1/2 Leg, Bikini and Underarm - 1hour - £26